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Hello and welcome,


I'm Deborah Miller, and my interest in herbal

medicine and natural therapies began in my early 20's. 

It wasn't because of an illness or disease that was the catalyst to search out an alternative path of healing and education as it is for many.  It was a force within me, a strong knowing that it was something I had to study and learn.

I spent a year in England in the late 1980's, and I saw amazing herbalists, iridologists and osteopaths.  I was fascinated by what was picked up about my health and the state of my body just through iridology, and the herbal tinctures and teas that I was given that helped to bring my body and emotions back into balance.

I came back to Australia after the year away and was told about Dorothy Hall’s Herbal Medicine College (love the synchronicities!) and was lucky enough to enrol and learn from this amazing lady.  Since then I have always been studying and learning about natural therapies and healing in some form.  In later years I studied to become a Naturopath to round out my herbal medicine studies.


After having children my inner guidance led me to seek out more,as I still felt as if I was missing something in my life.  It turns out it was the Spiritual life.  I spent many, many years healing and learning varied healing techniques that have helped myself and others.


I have been very blessed to have met and studied with incredible teachers and mentors, that have truly changed my life in immeasurable ways.  If you are interested in spiritual healing and learning more about that side of things please go to my website


I am at a stage in life where I still love natural healing, particularly through herbs and plant-based nutrition.  I have found that the alternative world is so full of supplements now, a supplement for this or that condition without finding out the root cause of a problem.  It is overwhelming and confusing for so many.  My aim is to discover the root of the problem and use foods, herbs, essences, lifestyle changes and specific supplements to assist in healing the body.


It has been very frustrating that there has not been much professional continuing education and focus on the mental, emotional and physical health needs of peri and post-menopausal women.

The seminars I have been to have been uninspiring, as so much that needs to be addressed in detail is overlooked or skimmed over.

I regularly upgrade my knowledge by listening to webinars, reading books, attending seminars, reading scientific literature, and I am currently studying with Dr Aviva Romm.


My aim with this website is to research and bring to you credible and useful information that will help you to thrive and flourish and to look forward to a healthy, vital future.



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