Hello, and a very warm welcome to my website.  A place that supports the well-being & health of all women.


Women’s Plant Medicine is for all women but has a specific focus on women over 40.  I have found that women who are in mid-life and beyond do not always receive the assistance, compassion, understanding or support that they need from their health care providers and/or others to guide them through this period of life, particularly the very specific needs of the peri-menopausal and post-menopausal woman.


I am not a doctor so therefore I'm not able to diagnose & treat disease, instead I support the body to heal itself through the use of herbal medicines, nutrition, diet, lifestyle and supplements. 

The focus of this website is to be able to support women in leading healthy, active, purposeful lives, through sharing information on plant-based nutrition, herbal medicines, healing, and education.

Deborah Miller (naturopath & herbalist)


My interest in herbal medicine and natural therapies began in my early 20's.  It wasn't because of an illness or disease that was the catalyst to search out an alternative path of healing and education as it is for many.  It was a force within me, a strong knowing that it was something I had to study and learn.

I spent a year in England in the late 1980's, and I saw amazing herbalists, iridologists and osteopaths.  I was fascinated by what was picked up about my health and the state of my body just through iridology and the herbal tinctures and teas that I was given that helped to bring my body and emotions back into balance.


Health consultations

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As a qualified naturopath and herbalist, I assist  people to create lasting, healthy changes in their life by incorporating plant-based foods, herbs, and lifestyle changes.

Heavy metal & mineral analysis

Various fresh herbs and herbal tea borde

For heavy metal and mineral deficiency testing, I use Oligoscan which I find invaluable in giving greater insight into what may be creating an imbalance in the body.


Upcoming events

Perimenopause workshop

The transition between being premenopausal and postmenopausal.

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All women will go through perimenopause and menopause, yet so much that occurs to a woman's physical, emotional and mental health around these life transitions is not talked about and much is not commonly known.  

In this workshop we focus on the perimenopausal years and the follow up workshop will be on the postmenopausal years.

Many women experience changes to their emotional & mental health in their early forties for the first time in their life, not knowing that it is the hormonal changes of perimenopause causing their anxiety and depression. 

In this workshop we will be discussing what can occur and how you can help support your body to adjust to the hormonal fluctuations using diet, nutrition, lifestyle and herbal medicines.

To read more or register please go here


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